Three Things Thursday, #15

1)  I finished reading The Conformist two weeks ago and planned a moratorium on fiction until I dealt with another matter in my life.

Well, that lasted less than 24 hours. I'm already halfway through a new book, and progress on the other matter continues at a snail's pace.
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3) Sick burn

I couldn't pass up this gem of journalistic flair.
Source: "What will China do next?"

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Three Things Thursday, #14

1)  Lately I've been enjoying Snap Judgment which I came across on NPR. If you like narratives based on life experiences, here are two pieces worth checking out. The stories are so out there they seem like fiction.

A grad student researches PTSD.

Imprisoned in Iran as a teenage girl.

2)  Are the first twenty days of 2016 an indicator of what the year will be like? If someone would consult their oracle and get back to me I'd appreciate it.

3)  Source: Oh CNN... I know English is hard...


Irritation be gone!

I'm tempted to vent, but I've decided to try to steer the energy in a different direction.

After reading another article from ProPublica today, I've decided I like their reporting. That's one of the few good things that happened while I tried to fend off annoyances from work.

ProPublica got off the ground in 2008, and yet I just heard about them in the past week or so. They've even won fancy awards.

It would have been very helpful to have lovely entries to read on LJ this afternoon, but no, there was silence mostly. I logged in several times like an addict who needed a fix. If I could have connected through someone's writing, I think I would have been more calm about the irritation from work.

When I review the day and look for positives, there's quite a few nice little things. Unfortunately I couldn't make their totality defeat the opposing side.

Sleep, please be my best ally tonight.

Three Things Thursday, #12

1)  There's nothing like a deadline to get my butt into gear. My head was barely tethered to the rest of me for the first few days of the week, but work demands propelled me to impose order and structure, and that's how the first week of 2016 ended up okay.

Even though I found myself in a swim lane, so to speak, for a couple of days, the overarching feeling thus far is of being buoyed and carried along by the current of time. I guess this is what life feels like when you look forward to nothing in particular and/or have no particular objectives outside of meeting the basic requirements to staying alive. I wouldn't say this is a bad place to be, it's just different from how I've been til now and I can't help but notice the change in atmosphere.

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Fiction and Fabrication

I take fiction rather seriously. Not to the point of being pretentious about it, but good fiction has been something of a lifeline for approximately two decades. I got a late start compared to other adults who like to read. At least that's my impression.

A few weeks ago I took a chance on a piece far outside my usual taste. What nudged me to stray past my refined borders, ahem, is a mystery.

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New to me

It's fairly exciting when I discover a filmmaker doing interesting work. It doesn't happen often, not in the past seven years or so. I don't follow the film industry though, so it's likely there are several writers, cinematographers, and directors doing good work unknown to me. Claudia Llosa from Peru is one example. She's been out there for a solid ten years, yet I just learned about her ten days ago.
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Three Things Thursday, #11

Hello! hello hello hello

That, dear reader, was an attempt to create an echo effect.

Happy New Year to all.

1)  I can hardly believe I stayed awake and saw the new year in.

I think I'm still in 2015. I haven't let go yet. Some people might be happy the year is over, but for me, significant things happened and I don't know how I feel about the year being over. I kinda feel like I could live in 2015 forever.

2)  The livestream of the Time's Square ball drop was surprisingly good. It's a bit troubling that a new year's eve event had better streaming quality than a presidential candidate debate. Dog damn it, ABC News! Get your act together.

3)  Saw this on Reddit a few days ago, in case you missed it.

Source: "Someone brought this bear into doggie daycare."